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AeroLime™ Project Launch (February 2019) After an extensive product development phase Graymont’s new AeroLime™ product is ready for takeoff.
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  • It's common knowledge that lime is one of the key factors for getting soil structure in top growing condition
  • AgLime (Graymont's agricultural lime) is therefore the perfect soil preparation product, and is a cost-effective option that will add value to any cropping operation, large or small
  • It is ground spread and is used in soils for pH management
  • Significant savings can be achieved if AgLime is used as a major farm input as fertiliser  

By Using our AgLime to get the soil condition right from the outset, there are many benefits that follow for the Cropping Industry:

  • AgLime is completely natural, it therefore has no harmful effects on the environment
  • Because soil conditions are right, other fertiliser applications are much more effective
  • Good soil structure encourages growth
  • AgLime improves quality and actually reduces the plant uptake of heavy metal from the soil
  • AgLime encourages worm and bacterial activity which aerates the soil and improves drainage
  • Because soil structure and activity is right, decomposition is improved and nutrients are more readily available to plants
  • AgLime improves root development which is essential for vigorous, healthy crops
  • Using Lime to lift pH makes adverse elements less available for plants:
    • Aluminum: If soil is below 5.5, the aluminum solubility locks up phosphate so it cant be used effectively by the soil
    • Manganese: More Manganese is evident when soil has a low pH

Products to use:

  • Cropping
    Low pH = low yield. Correcting low pH conditions can lead to large yield increases – often in the order of 20 to 50%. Preparing for this summers’ maize and fodder crops means starting to plan now...
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