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AeroLime™ Project Launch (February 2019) After an extensive product development phase Graymont’s new AeroLime™ product is ready for takeoff.
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Technical Name: Calcium Carbonate - CaCO₃

Market: Animal Health



Calcimate is made from clean stone and is tested daily for purity and fineness of grind.

  • Calcimate is certified agains the Biogro standard
  • Calcimate’s most extensive use is throughout New Zealand by farmers as an animal feed supplement, and also incorporated as a pure calcium source into a number of stock feed products.

Product Benefits:It provides a form of calcium which is easy for animals to assimilate, and when administered carefully will tackle Calcium deficiencies when needed most. 

Product Application Guides

Packaging Size

Available in 25 kg bags, 1 tonne bulk bags or Bulk