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Cows need calcium

  • All cows including first calving heifers, have at least a transient drop in serum calcium levels around calving which often goes undetected, as clinical hypocalcaemia is not apparent.
  • Low/depressed levels of calcium can contribute to a decline in appetite and intake often seen at calving, which can further impact with ongoing effects.
  • Low calcium is associated with depression of immune function, already under pressure from stresses of calving can in turn increase susceptibility to infection. Poor calcium status may delay recovery from any disease.
  • Most NZ first calving heifers are under grown, and even supposedly mature cows are often still growing, i.e. using calcium for their own bone growth, not just for the calf or milk production. 

Getting calcium back into cows as soon as possible post calving is the target to optimise cow health performance.

Benefits to Using Calcimate: 

  • Helps maintain animal health and condition from calving through to late lactation
  • Helps prevent complications throughout the calving period and calf development
  • Improves reproduction
  • Strengthens their immune systems
  • Maximises milk production potential post-calving
  • Boosts low calcium supplements such as PKE and maize silage for optimum assimilation
  • Counters the stress from cold weather and extreme activity (i.e. mating, calving)

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