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Sup Feed

Cows need calcium

  • Calcium is essential for optimum milk production and growth rate.
  • Calcium is one of the main components of bone and is an important but often overlooked factor.
  • Growth rate is slower if calcium intake is inadequate. Where intake is severely deficient rickets, weak skeleton or even bone fractures are possible.
  • Calcimate is a a safe and effective feed supplement option; animal assimilation is optimal, it provides good calcium levels, which can improve both milk production and animal growth rates. 

Benefits to Using Calcimate: 

  • Maximises milk production potential post-calving
  • Boosts low calcium supplements such as PKE and maize silage for optimum assimilation
  • Improves reproduction
  • Strengthens their immune systems
  • Counters the stress from cold weather and extreme activity (i.e. mating, calving)
  • Helps younger stock reach their growth potential

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Products to use:

  • Calcimate and Jerseys
    With a wealth of experience and the success to prove it, Ross and Esme Riddell's comments are noteworthy....
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