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Product Sector: Animal Health

Products: Limestone Chip

Poultry Grits

  • Granular forms of limestone are consumed by hatcheries as poultry grits. These grits lodge in the gizzard, enabling poultry to grind its feed intake properly.
  • A uniform size gradation, without fines and coarse aggregate, is required. Sizes of 0.375, 0.25, and 0.125 in. (9.5, 6.4, 3.2 mm) predominate. The purity of the carbonate is unimportant; in fact, siliceous aggregates, primarily granite, are used to some extent. So it is the physical size and shape of the aggregate that is important.
  • Rounded or spherical granules are preferred to flat or elongated ones. There is a decided preference for carbonate types of poultry grits, presumably since there is evidence that the calcium nutrient is absorbed by the poultry, abetting egg formation.
  • A proportion of 1 to 3-4 granite to carbonates is advocated with about 2 oz. (56g) of this mixture fed per chicken per week.