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Case Studies - Roading

Hiway Stabilizers and Graymont

Product Sector: Industrial-Roading and Construction

Location: Silverdale, Auckland

Products: Burnt Lime and Hydrated Lime

Source/ Interviewee - Hiway Stabilizers

  • Graeme Quick fall, Business Development Manager
  • Mike Nelson, Operations Manager

Introducing Hiway Stabilizers

  • Hiway Stabilizers are New Zealand’s leading stabilisation specialists – with a company philosophy of sustainable civil engineering.
  • The stabilisation process involves modifying and strengthening existing clay materials for use in roading and construction projects – rather than using new materials to form a project base.
  • By avoiding costly and wasteful dumping of existing base materials, stabilisation offers significant economic, engineering and environmental benefits.

The challenge: getting lime in the right quantities, at the right time

  • According to Hiway’s Operations Manager, Mike Nelson, being able to respond quickly to project demands – where and when needed – is all in a day’s work.
  • “As a contractor, we need to be ready to go when the client wants and the weather demands. Also our volumes can be all over the place – because what we need varies depending on the weather, and the client’s general programme. The key thing we need from our lime supplier is the right volume, in the right location.”

Why Graymont?

Continuity of supply and delivery

  • Hiway uses a range of lime products. Calcium oxide (from 3mm minus to large clean chip) and hydrated lime is used in conjunction with specialised equipment, including computer controlled stabilising machines and piling rigs.
  • Having a ready supply of product, available in any volume, is critical to Hiway.
  • “McDonald’s (now Graymont) are by far the most significant lime supplier and can supply large quantities of product at short notice,” says Mike. “And their cartage contractors are excellent – they’re very reliable and provide exceptional service.”

Collaborative relationship

“We have a very collaborative relationship with McDonald’s (now Graymont),” says Mike Nelson. “We need them to be hugely flexible, and they are. They’re willing to increase storage and delivery capacity to meet demand – and that’s even meant providing additional onsite storage for some of the bigger jobs we’ve had to complete within tight timeframes in the past.”

Long association

  • Hiway Stabilizers was one of the first companies to pioneer the stabilising process in New Zealand more than 25 years ago, and McDonald’s Lime (now Graymont) has been their partner from the start.
  • “We’ve been dealing with McDonald’s Lime (now Graymont) since the early 1980s,” says Mike Nelson. “Quite simply, they deliver exactly what we need, when we need it.”