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Case Studies - Dairy

Calcimate and Jerseys

Case Study: Calcium Supplement

Product Sector: Animal Health-Calving and Supplementary Feed

Location: New Zealand

Products: Calcimate

Source / Interviewee: Ross Riddell

Jersey Breeder

Passionate about breeding Jerseys, cow condition and health are very important to Ross. Jerseys eat more and product more per kg of body weight than Friesians and Ross suspects this may be why Jerseys required more calcium supplementation than other breeds.

"We used to stop drenching with Calcimate at the end of November and found that some cows would still go down due to milk fever after that," says Ross. "So we decided to continue drenching and have not had a problem since. General health improved and we also saw the result in the vat as we no longer had any subclinical cases of milk fever." 

Ross supplements the maize silage he feeds out with Calcimate to counter the low calcium content of this feed. "With my interest in cows and being a breeder, having a healthy herd is a big priority for me and it also makes very good economic sense. Using Calcimate is an easy way to help me ensure my cows stay in great order."