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AeroLime™ Project Launch (February 2019) After an extensive product development phase Graymont’s new AeroLime™ product is ready for takeoff.
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Hydrated Lime

Technical Name: Calcium Hydroxide - Ca(OH)2

Markets: Water Treatment, Building Material's, Sugar Refining, Leather Tanning, Effluent Treatment and Fellmongery.



Our Hydrated Lime is XRF-tested to ISO accredited standards at our in-house process control laboratory at a series of points throughout the manufacturing process and again at dispatch.

  • Hydrated lime is a high purity fine white powder which is commonly known as ‘slaked lime’
  • Applications include water treatment, production of plasters and mortars, sugar refining, leather tanning, effluent treatment and fellmongery
  • Our hydrated lime product typically has 94% plus available lime as Ca(OH)2
  • Particle sizing is consistently a minimum 90% passing 90 microns


Packaging Size:

Available in 20kg bags or Bulk only

Further information: British Lime Association "The strategic use of liquid lime in sludge treatment"


  • Hiway Stabilizers
    Hiway Stabilizers are New Zealand’s leading stabilisation specialists – with a company philosophy of sustainable civil engineering. The stabilisation process involves modifying and strengthening existing clay materials for use in roading and construction projects – rather than using new materials to form a project base...
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  • NZ Steel
    New Zealand Steel Limited is NZ’s sole producer of flat rolled steel products for the construction, manufacturing and agricultural industries. Using locally-sourced iron sand, NZ Steel produces around 600,000 tonnes of steel each year...
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  • Masonry
    The essential ingredient for a good, all-purpose mortar is LIME…whether it is job-mixed with Portland cement, prepared masonry cement or is central-mixed (ready mixed mortar)...
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