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AeroLime™ Project Launch (February 2019) After an extensive product development phase Graymont’s new AeroLime™ product is ready for takeoff.
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Lime in the chain

  • Known as the world's most versatile chemical, lime has a vast amount of use in the wide world of manufacturing
  • As well as its major use in the steel industry, lime's natural tendency to clean and refine is incredibly useful and essential in many other industries too

Some key examples would include:

Sugar Refining

  • Hydrated lime is vital in the refining process of sugar extracted from sugar cane and sugar beets
  • During the carbonation phase of the sugar making process, milk of lime is added and carbon dioxide gas is bubbled through
  • The lime and gas react together to form a chalk which attracts previously dissolved impurities
  • These impurities are then filtered out when the mixture is passed through very fine cloth filters

Paper and Pulp Production

  • Limes’ most extensive use in the paper industry is within the sulphate process, where burnt lime is used to causticise the waste sodium carbonate solution to regenerate sodium hydroxide, so it can be used again in the sulphate process
  • It is also used in the bleaching process - mixed with chlorine it is one of the oldest-known, widely-used and cost-effective pulp bleach methods

Leather Manufacturing (Tanning and Fellmongery)

  • Tanning involves treating animal skin to produce a more durable product, leather
  • In preparation for tanning, lime hydrate (in suspension) is used to de-hair and plump hides
  • When mixed into a solution for tanning, lime holds its pH at a constant level of approximately 12.5

Plaster and Mortar

  • Lime is one of the oldest building materials and it is still going strong. It is  essential in both traditional and modern stone masonary, with extensive use in plaster and mortar production
  • Lime has good workability, high water retention, a strong bond, proven durability and weather resistance


  • In the galvanizing industry, hydrated lime can be used as a means of chemical treatment or pH control of acidic metal-bearing waste water

Glass Manufacturing

  • Glassmaking is one of lime's most ancient uses. Its ability to form solutions with silicates makes it a valuable input in the glass manufacturing process

When your manufacturing process requires lime, choose McDonald's Lime. It's the name you can trust to deliver, as New Zealand's largest lime supplier.

  • Talk to us about the processes you're undertaking and we can help you find the right product for your needs and get it to you when you need it every time
  • We're here to listen to your ideas too - if you have a specific need for a lime product we don't already offer, please ask and we'll see what we can do to make your manufacturing process simpler

Products used:

  • NZ Steel
    New Zealand Steel Limited is NZ’s sole producer of flat rolled steel products for the construction, manufacturing and agricultural industries. Using locally-sourced iron sand, NZ Steel produces around 600,000 tonnes of steel each year...
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