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AeroLime™ Project Launch (February 2019) After an extensive product development phase Graymont’s new AeroLime™ product is ready for takeoff.
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An essential reagent

  • The demand for mined resources is ever increasing in the modern world and lime plays an essential part in the recovery of these products
  • It is used extensively in metal mining: gold and silver are removed from ores using a solution of lime and cyanide; in non-ferrous ores, lime is used in the flotation of copper, nickel, zinc and lead
  • Lime also has great environmental benefits neutralising noxious gas emissions, which create air pollution and corrosion of plant equipment

Lime in the mine

  • Both burnt lime and hydrated lime are commonly used in the flotation or recovery of many non-ferrous ores (gold, copper, zinc etc.)
  • In the recovery of gold and silver, ores are combined with a lime and cyanide solution – the cyanide dissolves the metals, and the lime maintains the proper pH to keep the cyanide liquid and prevent noxious gasses from forming
  • Lime is used in the smelting of non-ferrous metals, like copper, zinc and lead, to neutralise noxious SO2 gasses too
  • Hydrated lime is also used here in New Zealand as pH correction for treating acid mine water

Graymont is New Zealand’s largest lime supplier, and we’ve been working in the mining sector for many years –

  • We understand your need for a consistent quality lime, so you know your metal will meet the grade every time
  • Getting our products to you on time is vital for your business and for ours – we have significant experience in supplying operations offshore and have close associations with shipping companies around the South Pacific
  • You can be sure of a trusted partner in McDonald’s Lime – our quarries have plentiful reserves of high quality limestone, so you can be sure you’ll get the resources you need, when you need them

Products used:



  • NZ Steel
    New Zealand Steel Limited is NZ’s sole producer of flat rolled steel products for the construction, manufacturing and agricultural industries. Using locally-sourced iron sand, NZ Steel produces around 600,000 tonnes of steel each year...
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