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AeroLime™ Project Launch (February 2019) After an extensive product development phase Graymont’s new AeroLime™ product is ready for takeoff.
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Water Treatment

The perfect mix with water, naturally

  • As a natural and non-toxic material, lime is one of the best ‘cleaning up’ chemicals available
  • It has many uses in the treatment of water and waster water including; Clarifying and softening drinking water, treating sewage in waste water, neutralising mining and industrial discharges, controlling bacterial growth and stabilising solid wastes before landfilling

The benefits of water treatment with lime

  • Softening water:Hydrated lime is typically used to soften water by removing the 'hardness' (calcium and magnesium ions) - this leaves you with potable water. In an industrial setting, softening water can help avoid costly breakdowns in the equipment that handles water, as there isn't the mineral buildup that occurs when using hard water
  • pH adjustment: When hydrated lime is added to water it raises the pH level in preparation for further treatment - it can also neutralise corrosive waters which can damage pipes and mains
  • Coagulation: Lime, along with alum or iron sales, is used to help coagulate solids before their removal from 'raw' water - it stabilises the pH to create the optimum 'thickening' conditions
  • Reducing pathogen growth: Lime can be used instead of chlorine to assist in controlling the growth of pathogens in water, by raising the pH of the water
  • Removal of impurities: Lime is often used to remove silica, manganese, fluoride, organic tannins and iron from water supplies
  • An alternative to Caustic Soda: Hydrated lime can be used in most cases to replace caustic soda in drinking water processes
  • Biosolids Stabilisation: Lime is a natural option to stabilise biosolids prior to landfill or disposal

Lime is a natural and cost-effective way to treat water and at Graymont we have the products and knowledge to help you improve your water treatment.

We're NZ's largest lime supplier so we have the quality and quantity of products, as well as the expertise available when you need it

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